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    Product Description

    Product Description

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    Product Description

    Dear Mr. or Mrs.
    In order to customer’s effective inquiry, our company provides the convenient channel for customers.
    Our main industry : rubber seal; rubber hose;rubber parts, plastic parts and auto control cable
    Our main material of rubber : EPDM , PVC(PP,PA) , NBR, Silicone, NR, CR, ECO, FKM
    If you haven’t found your product your need, you can contact with us.
    Hebei Hongan Headquarters:
    Contact Carina Ma
    ADD:North of Dazhai Road     City:Qinghe, Xingtai     Province:He Bei     State:China
    Hebei Hongan Guangzhou Office:
    Contact:Max Ma
    ADD:Room713,Yanqiao Building,89 yanling road,Tianhe District,Guangzhou.

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    Hebei Hongan Headquarters:


    TEL:+86 0319 8132299 / 8136789
    FAX:+86 0319 8138058
    ADD:North of Dazhai Road 

    Hebei Hongan Guangzhou Office:


    TEL::+86 139 3191 9601
    FAX:+86 0319 1297583
    ADD:Room713, Yanqiao Building, 89 yanling road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou.





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